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8 Most Famous Landmarks in Indonesia

Unlike many other countries, Indonesia is not contained within one single land mass. No, this country is actually made up of more than 17,000 islands, including 8,000 that are inhabited. So it's probably not surprising that you'll find a lot of … Continue reading

%Mate_Title% 17 Best Vacation Spots in Italy

When traveling to a country like Italy, you are likely interested in more than just the inside of a hotel room. While Italian accommodations can be as sumptuous as you might like, going on a vacation to this incredible region of the world usually … Continue reading

%Mate_Title% 8 Most Famous Landmarks in Austria

Austria is known for its great mountains and even greater skiing. It’s known for its composers like Strauss and Mozart – Salzburg is Mozart’s city, after all. The country also is known for its sinfully delicious desserts. Look past this, however, to … Continue reading

%Mate_Keyword% %Mate_Title% 10 Best Vacation Spots in Greece

Greece is a postcard-worthy country of some of the most significant archaeological sites in the world. Here, thousands of years of history come alive on a land considered a treasure by Romans, Venetians, Ottomans, French and other great Empires who … Continue reading

%Mate_Title% 10 Best Vacation Spots in Spain

Spain is an exotic, historic country bursting with vibrant culture, fantastic nightlife, and plenty of sunshine. The only bad thing about planning a trip to Spain is trying to decide which of the many incredible cities to explore. Whether you're … Continue reading

%Mate_Title% 8 Most Famous Landmarks in California

The Golden State is home to some of the most famous landmarks and attractions in the United States, possibly even the world. Some, like the Hollywood Sign and the Golden Gate Bridge, are iconic symbols of the state. Others, such as Yosemite, showcase … Continue reading

%Mate_Title% %Mate_Description% 8 Most Famous Landmarks in Chile

The long sliver of Chile spans a large portion of the Southern Hemisphere's latitudes to give you plenty of climate choices. Wander through scorched earth deserts, surf Polynesian waters under the watchful gaze of towering Moai, or play with penguins … Continue reading

%Mate_Title% 8 Terrific Cities in Catalonia You Should Visit

Catalonia has it all. The Pyrenese Mountains rise nearly 10,000 feet to create a stunning backdrop against fertile valleys and vineyards. Though it is the electric blue Mediterranean waters of the Costa Brava that attracts most travelers. Just be … Continue reading

%Mate_Title% 8 Most Famous Landmarks in Egypt

Pop singer Stafford was famous for her romantic ballad about seeing the pyramids along the Nile. Long before her hit single, however, the pyramids were a must-see for any traveler to Egypt; they still are. But the Great Pyramid isn’t the only … Continue reading

%Mate_Title% 10 Most Beautiful Cities in Sicily

Sicily served as the center of the universe to the ancient world. The beautiful island has a violent history of empires rising and falling, leaving a layered cultural tapestry that you could spend a lifetime unraveling. In fact, the island is still … Continue reading